Disney + has postponed the release date of its Star Wars series

Disney’s much-anticipated OB-One Kenobi Disney Plus series will debut two days after its planned launch, but will only be available for two episodes instead of one. You have to be a little patient before Friday, May 27 starts.
Disney + ‘s new flagship TV sequence Star wars Universe, OB-One Kenobi, has been suspended. Series star Evan McGregor, who played the famous JD OB-One character, revealed in a video that the release date of the new series has been postponed for two days from May 25 to May 27.
If the OB-One Kenobi had set a May 25 release date on Disney +, the series would have paid tribute to an important day in the history of Star Wars. In fact, the original film was released on May 25, 1977. In addition, his 45th birthday will be celebrated on May 25, 2022. So some fans will be unhappy to see the Disney series postponed.
Disney + couldn’t just announce the bad news without trying to appease fans, who are increasingly eager to find a series committed to their favorite JD. So, the streaming giant says that in exchange for this slight delay, viewers will be able to find two episodes of the May 27 OB-One series.
This indicates that we will have a full role in the story of OB-One and we can fully engage ourselves in adventure. After that, the streaming platform will release episodes each week, as was the case with the previous series, The Mandalarian or The Book of Boba Fate.
It is important to note that this delay could be a major setback for Netflix, which will be releasing Season 4 of its flagship series Strangers Things on May 27. In fact, when a streaming production premieres, the number of viewers is basically 8 Used to measure the success of the matrix, so both platforms can exceed their number. However, waiting for the month of May, you can discover or rediscover the trailer of the series.

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