Dodging Jada was first published after the Pinket-Smith scandal

The Oscars were held in Los Angeles at the end of March this year. Will Smith Won Best Actor Award. True, he almost lost his statue due to a high-profile scandal with host Chris Rock.

Comedian Will’s wife Jade has joked about her hair style. He is reported to be suffering from alopecia. True, the comedian knew nothing about this. As a result, Smith broke down. He went on stage and punched the host in the face.

After that, the will began to be “canceled”. He had to drop several films, and the producers postponed his own project. And this despite the fact that the actor apologized to comedians, colleagues and members of the American Film Academy. However, Smith will not be able to attend the Oscars for ten years now. The statue, however, remains with him.

Now Will, naturally, tries not to catch the eye of photographers and journalists. But his wife Jada was first published after the scandal. He attended the inauguration of the Rhymes Performing Arts Center.

Knowing that all the attention of the press would be on her, Pinkett-Smith chose a glittering floor-length strapless dress.

It looks like a golden waterfall. Jada has decided not to overload the image with jewelry and she has almost completely abandoned makeup. The actress has certainly achieved the desired “wow effect”.

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