Due to the bathroom break, Doza Cat almost missed his 2022 Grammy win

By Zach Seemayer‍, ETOnline.com.

2 minutes ago

This year’s Grammys seemed to be full of surprises coming to some of the big winners of the night. At least, a few wins surprised the real winners.

Before Jon Batiste won the album of the year and reacted with complete shock and confusion, it was Doza Cat who was apparently caught off-guard when he and SZA won the Best Pop Duo / Group Performance award for their song “Kiss Me More”. “

SZA surprised everyone by managing to get safely to the Grammy stage despite walking after crutches and incredibly high heels – and received a sweet aid from Lady Gaga on her Super Long Train.

When he got up, Doza the cat was running from behind the MGM Grand Garden Arena, and SZA laughed and said, “Girl, you went to the bathroom for five minutes, are you serious?”

As it turns out, Doza took the first opportunity to use the cat bathroom, and that was exactly when her category was announced.

“Listen, I’ve never urinated so fast in my whole life,” Doza Kat said, still trying to catch her breath, the audience burst out laughing. He then unexpectedly adjusted himself before he continued his speech.

“Thanks to everyone, my family, my team, I wouldn’t be here without you and I wouldn’t be here without my fans,” he shared. “And you know, SZA, you’re my everything. You’re incredible. You’re a genius, you’re a lyricist, you’re everything. And I need you, I want to tell you something, something, please give them something.”

“Thank you, Doza, thank you mom, thank God and just thank you all,” SZA said in surprise before adding her partner, “and I’m glad you got it back on time.”

The significance of the moment really seemed to hit Doza the cat at the moment when he was fighting to cry.

“Shyam,” he said, trying to fight with the right words. “I like to s ** t less, but it’s a big deal. Thank you all! Be careful.”

SZA explained in a virtual press room on the show that he was on a crutch because he had recently sprained his ankle, sharing, “I fell out of bed a few days before I got here.” SZA added, “I am my life, everything has become random.”

He also shared a funny moment with Lil Nass X after the show, when he took charge of pushing his wheelchair. The MONTERO artist shared a cute clip of their conversation, and wrote, “I’m a personal caregiver of punishment now.”

Meanwhile, Doza spoke on the red carpet with Kevin Frazier and Nishel Turner of Cat ET, and in anticipation of his memorable acknowledgment speech, admitted, “I am very excited. I don’t have anything ready, so I’m scared too, but that’s what it is. You have to do what you have to do. “

He added, “I haven’t written anything but sometimes it’s okay. I think that’s good, you know. It works for some people, so it should work for me, I hope. “

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