Ed Sheeran is now writing a song of his own

The theft trial for the hit “Shape of You” has left its mark on the pop star Ed Sheeran . He now writes songs and records them himself.

The theft trial for Ed Sheeran’s world hit “Shape of You” ended this week for the pop star. However, Sheeran wants to be prepared for more potential copyright lawsuits in the future: he wrote the song himself to find evidence. “Everything is in the film,” he told the BBC in an interview published on Friday.

According to Sheeran, the music industry suffers from false theft allegations that are often settled out of court to avoid difficult cases.

This is exactly what he felt at the beginning of his career with the song “Photograph”. Then he stopped singing. “It made me feel dirty,” Sheeran said. However, he is now at a stage where the song sounds like him again.
Despite the financial loss, Shiran wants to go to court and break this practice. It’s not about money, he insisted, but about honesty. “We had to stand up for what we thought was right.”

Sheeran co-wrote “Shape of You” with McDaid and McCutcheon, and the song, released in 2017, is considered his biggest hit to date. With over three billion views, it is the most streamed song on Spotify. According to the BBC, Sheeran and his two co-authors earn about মিল 6 million a year from the song. One-tenth of it was frozen during the trial. Sheeran asked the court to clarify the allegations before filing the case.

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