Ed Sheeran won the copyright lawsuit in the 2017 hit ‘Shape of You’

By The Associated Press.

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Grammy Award-winning lyricist Ed Sheeran wins the UK copyright battle against the 2017 hit “Shape of You”.

British pop star and co-writer John McDade of Snow Patrol and producer Steven McCachon have denied allegations that the 2017 song was copied from the 2015 episode “Oh Why” by Sami Chokri, who plays Sami Switch.

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Sheeran and her co-authors said they did not remember hearing the “oh why” before the court case.

In a ruling Wednesday, Judge Anthony Jacqueline concluded that Sheeran had “intentionally or subconsciously” copied a phrase from “Oh Why” while writing his smash hit.

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“Shape of You” was the best-selling song in the UK in 2017.

Sheeran, who is “happy with the results”, later took to Twitter to update fans with a video message.

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