Erica Jane sues again! The RHOBH star and his company are named EJ Global LLC at 50

Erika Jayne just couldn’t catch a break.

The real housewife of Beverly Hills The 50-year-old star has another legal showdown ahead of her as Edelson sues PC law firm Jane for কোম্প 55 million in damages against her company, EJ Global LLC, as well as her ex-husband Tom Girard’s former law firm, Girard & Kiss and her creditors.

The law firm is accusing the reality star of knowing more than what she gave, pointing out how the ex-couple flouted their great lives to see the world.

Erica Jane sues again!  'RHOBH' Star and his company EJ Global LLC have been named in a $ 50 million racketeering case

According to court documents All right!Adelson has accused PC firm parties of conspiracy to racketeering, receipt of stolen property, help and assistance in concealing stolen property, money was and was received, conversion, illegal business practice, consumer legal remedies and fraud.

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“As Girard Kiss and Tom’s pending bankruptcy and the flow of claims and investigations into the collapse of the firm drag on more and more levels every day, the real story seems like one such story. Out of one John Grisham Novel: Girardy Kiss was little more than a criminal enterprise, disguised as a law enforcement agency, in the “disgusting filing state.”

The Chicago The actress has been plagued by legal drama since the former attorney, 82 – whom she has yet to formally divorce due to ongoing lawsuits – was forced to go bankrupt by her creditors last year, such as burn victims, former clients such as widows and orphans, who once claimed respect. Lawyer Dr. Their settlement does not pay them Funding

Erica Jane sues again!  'RHOBH' Star and his company EJ Global LLC have been named in a 50 million racketeering case.

In the new legal document, Adelson PC sues that the firm’s “every” outward-looking success was built on top of the house of cards, claiming that Girardi and Kiss were taking millions of dollars for all the money Thomas and Erica needed to spend – for a living. Funding so that Erica was a cast member The real housewife of Beverly Hills

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“The couple certainly played a role in appreciating their wealth and the fact that Tom was a powerful attorney who persuaded celebrities, judges and politicians alike,” the paper alleges. “The money, however, was not earned by the firm or Tom, but was stolen: from co-counsel, from vendors with long outstanding bills, and – most unforgivably for an attorney – from the firm’s own injured clients.”

Adelson PC – who requested a jury trial in the case – also accused Jane of playing a “front” role in the scheme, adding that she was “selling to the world (including undoubted clients) that Girard Kiss succeeded.”

Erica Jane sues again!  'RHOBH' Star and his company EJ Global LLC have been named in a 50 million racketeering case.

“To this day, Erica uses her vital public platform to lie about her own involvement and to help Tom and others get out of it,” court documents note, concluding that the Bravo star’s “brutal decision” furthers his career. Take advantage of scandals to get ahead and stay relevant in tabloids, which means more exposure and a bigger paycheck to perform the next season Housewife

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