Ex-wife of Tony Curtis: Inside the history of his marriage

Late actor Tony Curtis Her successful six-decade career as a film and television star earned her the Hollywood Heartthrob label. In private life he sought love and got married six times.

Although her life in the spotlight seemed glamorous, Tony experienced many painful moments throughout his childhood before coming to Hollywood. He and his brother, Julius, lived in an orphanage for several years as children because their parents did not have enough money for food. Julius died a few years later in a truck crash. The New York native turned to art to help him cope.

“He was happiest when he made it.” Kelly CurtisTony’s eldest daughter said Nearby In April 2022. “On a film set, in front of a group of fans, or alone in his art studio painting.”

The Spartacus The star returned to the country from World War II and began his journey to perform in California. He landed the lead role Prince who was a thief In 1951, a career full of blockbuster roles began. Her life changed dramatically as she entered the first of her six marriages the same year.

Probably Tony’s most famous bride was Janet Leigh, a hugely popular MGM actress who earned herself a Golden Globe and Academy Award nomination for her role in the 1960s. Psycho. Her effortless beauty and ability to act, sing and dance have made her a star in the eyes of many.

“His face was great,” Tony shared Janet Ley: A Biography. “It blew me away to look at this woman.”

The couple welcomed two children during their 11-year marriage: Kelly and Jamie Lee Curtis. They both followed in the footsteps of their parents and became actresses themselves.

At the ICG Publicist Awards in March 2019, Jamie Lee said, “One of the great benefits of being the daughter of the great movie star, Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, is that I got to see them play.” Very important. “

However, their reunion did not last. The couple called it an exit on their wedding in 1962. They both go their separate ways and go with the other partners.

“As their stardom grew, so did my parents’ bonds.” Halloween Star withdrawal More Magazine in April 2010.

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