Ezra Miller’s defendants withdrew their case

Just weeks after a Hawaiian couple filed a restraining order against Flash star Ezra Miller, the lawsuit was dropped without the right to resubmit.

Documents filed Monday in Hawaii’s Third District Court show the couple filed a motion to dismiss their previous claims. Recall that earlier, the plaintiffs had claimed that Ezra Miller had vandalized their home, made threats and even stolen personal belongings and documents.

The statement said, “The court, after considering the submitted files and records and being fully aware of what happened otherwise, decides that the application filed on March 29, 2022 has been rejected.”
As such, Miller’s “assets” contained only allegations of hooliganism and harassment at a local bar, which were recorded in police protocol.

In a separate case, a judge on Tuesday granted a request by Miller’s lawyer, Francis Alcaine, to adjourn the hearing of a traffic violation complaint to Miller for Hello until April 26, because Miller and the prosecution were involved. Which Alcain described as “pre-negotiation.” For agreement in two outstanding cases. Alcain did not disclose details of the possible deal. The hearing of the arrest case has also been fixed for April 28.

Shortly after Miller’s arrest, reports surfaced that Warner Bros. had held an emergency meeting with the actor to discuss future collaborations. This is true not only of DC’s upcoming film The Flash, but also of the studio’s ongoing Fantastic Beasts franchise. Later, studio representatives said it was a rumor.

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