For ‘Fast and Furious’, Helen Mirren is excited that Jason Momoa is the ‘ideal suite’.

Queen approval! Helen Miren Talked about “Fast & Furious 10” and expressed his excitement about joining the cast. Jason Momoa !

Fans were thrilled to hear that Jason Momoa will join the incredibly talented cast of Fast & Furious for the upcoming 10th installment of the film. Not only are fans excited about the addition, but Magdalen’s Queen Shaw Dame Helen Mirren herself has expressed her excitement for Jason’s new role in an exclusive interview with! “That’s great! Jason is a great guy, and he’s perfect,” he said at the screening of his new Sony classic The Duke, organized by the Cinema Society. “Just the perfect fit.

Jason recently talked about joining the film during an ambulance premiere in Los Angeles, which will begin construction later this month. “He’s incredible. He’s unpleasant. He misunderstood; he told the villain that he was willing to take pictures.” Charlize [Theron], Which really excites me; She’s gorgeous then I go to the cool place. Then, of course, I’m working with the whole cast – primarily actors.

Regarding Helen’s return to the franchise, she said, “We can expect to see her as the” must-have “queen. – I requested! He told the Hollywood Reporter in February 2022. ” I think I was at a reception, and he was there, and I introduced him. And I was embarrassed, ‘Oh my God, I’d love to be in one of your movies! Please let me in, and then one said in his beautiful, deep voice, “I’ll see what I can do. And he did it for me.

Helen Deckard joined the cast as the mother of Shaw (Jason Statham), who first appeared on F8, then Hobbs & Shaw and F9, but she was apparently annoyed that she couldn’t drive! The 76-year-old told THRK, “[Vin] I found this little character for me, which was absolutely right.

Now, there’s no doubt that Lady has a range, as she goes from comedy to action movie to drama, and at this point in her career, she admits she’s only looking for stories she “never did.” “It’s important. Would I be surprised to see others do it? And would I be surprised to see myself do it?” I try to be consistent, which leads me to things like Fast & Furious. Because, among other things, it’s better to switch from Duke to Shazam 2 with what I’ve done! It makes it light and entertaining.

Helen Miren introduces the element of ‘wonder’ in Dorothy Bunton’s latest role in The Duke, especially when the audience meets her when she works as a local councilor and his wife’s cleaner. Her naked face, torn clothes, rough eyebrows, and rough Newcastle accent matched the Queen’s beauty, dominance, and dignity. Actress Duke adorns theaters on April 22, 2022.

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