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As the temperature rises you are looking for a new poolside cocktail or something to relieve Celtzer fatigue. Look no further than its unique taste FreshlyA new canned cocktail is good for you.

The Atlanta-based brand was inspired by a viral tweet Isa Rai HBO’s Insecure And co-founder of Fresley, Paul Ousu, In the first month of the epidemic. When you drink freshly, you not only quench your thirst, you embark on a delicious adventure and support a black-established, majority-led, canned cocktail brand.

These canned, drink-ready cocktails are inspired by the flavors of Ghana and Louisiana (where three founding members were once called home). Freshly partnered with minority-owned farms across the United States to source its components, adding further to the goal of expanding black farmers and family-owned businesses in the southeast, where the company is based. These cocktails are plant-based and 100% vegetarian and contain only real, complete and honest ingredients and if you have a sense of well-being, only 152 calories in each.

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The company has recently made a splashy debut with two lovely signature flavors. A hint of lavender pleases smooth palate Bay Lemonade Combining cocktails, strawberries and lemons with old bourbon takes you to New Orleans with a delicate Louisiana-inspired flavor. ZidemWith a twist of blueberry, pineapple, rum and lemongrass inspired by the taste of Ghanaian sobolo, Agav Nectar takes you on a tasteful cultural journey with a dash.

We therefore chatted with AppleWhite, co-founder and CAO (Chief Aesthetic Officer), Paul Osu, co-founder and COD (Chief of Drinks) and Ama Marfo, co-founder and CTO (Chief Testing Officer) about this exciting and Yes, the fresh line of delicious cocktails is fresh.

How did you all come together and how did you come to be fresh?

Or: This is a great story, happy to ask you! We’ve all seen HBOs Insecure In the first month of the epidemic and Paul tweeted about a cocktail that Isa Roy plugged into the show. Yes, it went viral! The tweet resonated with me and I connected with Paul online. After a while, Paul decided to lean towards making his newly found hobby cocktail and brought me and me for a fresh ride. It’s been an incredible journey and we can’t wait for what’s to come!

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What persuaded you to go to the ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail market?

Paul: The Viral tweets Which inspired Freshly verified a problem. In particular, we are in a new era with the growth of consumers looking for better options for you, but many ready-to-drink products today are in bad shape. That’s why we decided to create Freshly to solve this problem.

What makes Freshly different from other ready-to-drink canned cocktails?

Paul: Consumers are looking for convenience and a modern twist on cocktails, and we’ve seen an increase in RTD sales. The thing that sets Freshly apart is its premium taste, ingredients and our acceptance of how we make our products. We believe that our customers deserve both transparency and visibility in how we create this brand without compromising on taste and quality.

From your BIOS, you all seem to be quite a foodie. Which flavors (not necessarily cocktails) excite you?

Or: We are fond of a wide array of flavors – anything from delicious, smoky, or herbal notes to what we get. We’ve added these flavors to our Freshly product line, keeping research and feedback in mind.

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What is your perfect food pair for each of your current tastes?

Paul: Like the flavor profiles included in Freshly Cocktails, Freshly Food Pairings is inspired by that unique feeling and our purpose is to take customers to different places. The refreshing citrus and strawberry flavors of Bay Lemonade can be paired with gumbo, jambalaya or a fresh burata salad. We recommend combining gedem with spiced West African traditional food with jolof, okra stew, or cucumber salmon.

What do you want to achieve with Freshly?

But: We want to keep customers curious and hope to expand into the category we are in, specifically demonstrating that premium cocktails can feel new and exciting.

If you could publish this information, what taste would you still want to create?

Me: We have the original recipe and the unique flavored vault that we are excited about. In the coming months, we’ll be releasing more information about what’s coming up for Freshly We plan to launch four more flavors and we will expand to more states.

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Freshly 4-packs can now be purchased online For 21.99. If you live in the Atlanta area, Bay Lemonade and Gideon will be available at billiard hotels and select stores across Georgia in the coming months.

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