From Akira, the Canadian motorcycle became real with this amazing replica

The famous motorcycle, one of the most popular and well-known pieces of anime, ‘YouTuber’ has been created for some time for Ayato’s incredible talent. The results are excellent.

There are construction projects on YouTube that exceed all expectations Ayato case, a YouTuber copy Canada – Wearing a motorcycle in Akira, one of them.

The piece, one of the most well-known and popular in the anime world, has been reproduced and copied many times, but this version is the most complete, brightest and most trusted of them all. The project, registered on their channel, has seen various challenges.

Ayato started his motorcycle with Yamaha Majesty 250 and found a way to customize it according to his needs. It is a large structure, almost complete manual, and is designed with the idea that it is completely legal under Japanese traffic law.

In other words, this YouTuber with the best mechanical knowledge always wanted to be active and be able to promote on the streets of Japan. Although the method is entirely handmade, Ayato has proven that it has ordered parts and products that have already been made and marketed, distinguishing the previous Yamaha and shaping it – molding the ingredients needed for its vision.

You’ve faced challenges and done some aesthetic and ergonomic exploration. For example, Kanedar had a seat on a motorcycle that wasn’t quite clear in anime and manga, so he designed the section so that we could consider a bucket seat where the driver is like himself and what makes you feel more. Comfortable. He’s worked very hard on the chassis, trying to do it like the image we all have in our heads; The front, wheels, and even the handlebars need to be adjusted, which means it’s going to be the most confusing time of the year.

If you like the customization of motorcycles and the mechanics of the world around this type of vehicle, it is worth it. Its final clips show how Ayato added LED lighting to the set, giving it a truly futuristic look.

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