Gabrielle Union is praising Simon Ashley

Gabriel Union Now Simon is praising Ashley and he says that Simon is killing her in every episode. Check out the post he shared on his social media account.

‘Today’s #WCW is someone I can’t really get enough of! The new season of @bridgertonnetflix is ​​here and @simoneasshley continues killing in every episode. Like Kate Sharma, Simone embodies such feminine power that I am not obsessed, ‘Gabriel began his message.

He went on to say: ‘What I like most is his dedication to talking about something as important as color. He believes in being proactive in highlighting the issue and encouraging people to donate, sign petitions, protest and speak out. I love to radiate Simon’s energy and look forward to seeing him on our TV every week – don’t forget to watch Bridgeton’s Season 2 on @netflix every Friday! Let’s put him in the light of Mars and hold him there. ‘

Someone said: ‘Every Friday ?? The whole season 2 was done in one day and I saw it that day. Ha ha ha. He had everything there. She and her sister. Absolutely, positively, stunningly beautiful‼ ️ ‘and another commenter said:’ She is very beautiful. I loved her as Kate. Great to see a dark skinned Indian woman represented. SN: The whole series is on Netflix, not weekly Fridays. ‘

Another follower posted this: ‘I’m really happy with her and her sister’s character on the show this season. Unfortunately, India suffers from the remnants of colonial racism, so their choices will show young Indian women that their beauty comes in all shades. ‘

Another commenter dropped the message: ‘I love Simon Ashley! I’m obsessed with it. She did her thang on Bridgeton S2 as Kate Sharma. Perfect Kate. He and Jonathan Bailey have really brought chemistry to their character. ‘

Gabrielle is praising black women on a weekly basis by choosing a special woman to speak on his social media account. Fans praised her efforts for the betterment of women.

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