Gillian Anderson hoped Bill Clinton would call her after a “close” meeting.

Gillian Anderson To expect Bill Clinton Will call him after a “close” meeting.

The 53-year-old actress – who played the historical First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt – in the showtime series “The First Lady” – revealed that she once met former President Bill Clinton when she was first in the Hollywood Mountains. Running for office in the early 1990’s.

He said: “I met Clinton. I met her when she was running for office, for the first time. There was lunch for her at someone’s fancy house in Hollywood Hills. At the end of her speech, we made a line for her and she walked down the line. Go and we can meet him. He did the most miraculous thing in the world. The thing where he shakes your hand and grabs your elbow at the same time. “

The former ‘X-Files’ star went on to joke that the politician had given him a “back-up” and when he returned home he checked his voicemail because he really believed he would call him.

Speaking on ‘Jimmy Kimmel, Live’, he added: “He holds your hand higher, makes a little intimate thing, makes eye contact and then moves on to the next person. I went home, it was the day of the answering machine. “I literally thought I was going to get a message home from him. Then he looks back at you. I did. That was real!”

Gillian – who played former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the Netflix series The Crown and won an Emmy Award for her role as a powerful politician – also explained that it was “nice” to be in person after being forced to accept. Golden Globe Award for role due to COVID-19.

He added: “That was the first time we saw each other again which was wonderful. For the Golden Globes, I was shooting in Prague and alone in a hotel room after dressing up in front of a computer for the whole Golden Globe. But there was a technician in the room with me!”

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