Haley Slatton and Sam Moss are pregnant and Katy Perry is in tears.

By Rachel McRadey, ETOnline.com.

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Katy Perry shares a motherly moment with two moms on the Sunday episode of “American Idol”. Contestants Haley Slaton and Sam Moss were paired to sing a duet when Sam announced that she was actually four months pregnant.

“Since my audition, life has given me a huge curbball,” Sam shared. “Being a mother this year was not part of my plan, but it is a whole new cause and brings me the inspiration to continue what I love.”

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Haley, who became pregnant during her initial audition, was in her eighth month of pre-taped performances, and both contestants struggled with passion and endurance as they prepared for their Robin’s “Dancing on My Own” duet.

Before the performance Katie pulled the women aside to give them a peep talk and the moment made her cry.

“The thing in my life I’ve never had enough of,” Katie shared with the singers. “Then I had a baby and it was like that …”

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As the pop superstar broke down in tears, he added, “I had children and I had all the love I never felt. It was just like, ‘Foof, there it is. I’m leaving because I love it, but it’s pure love. ‘

The two women then took to the stage to give a melodious performance, jokingly saying that their pair’s name was “Watermelon Smugglers.” But only Sam advanced to the next round.

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Katie cried and said to Haley, “I know you’re going to be a great mother. And I know you’ll never give up on your dreams. “

Haley impressed the judges at her audition while being five months pregnant and inspiring the audience. Although she did not advance in the competition, she met her future husband Jordan Miles during the audition process.

“My journey on mericamericanidol may be over, but my musical journey is definitely not!” Haley posted a photo of her and Jordan on Instagram as well. “Thank you so much for the support and new fans who have joined me since my first audition. I love you all so much !!!”

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