Halmes underwent endometriosis surgery three days before Grammys ‘again’

By Melissa Romualdi.

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History repeats itself for Halsey, who attended the 64th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday evening.

The “without me” singer went through another Endometriosis (a disorder where tissue grows outside the uterus and can cause extreme pain and fatigue) Surgery three days before tonight’s awards ceremony. Halsey underwent surgery for his first disorder before the 2017 Grammys.

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On Saturday, the singer-songwriter, 27, went to Instagram to give fans an update on their current health status.

“As luck would have it,” Halsey wrote, “I’m joining [The Grammys] Tomorrow is the first time in years, and three days ago I had surgery again (you guessed it).

“I’m just posting to say, if you see me, be polite,” they nodded.

Halsey arrives at the 2022 Grammy in a fitted dress and tilted hat.

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Halsey is lovely in a fitted black and burgundy dress and a sloping hat.
Halsey is lovely in a fitted black and burgundy dress and a sloping hat.
– Photo: David Fisher / Shutterstock

As the singer noted, this is the second time Halsey has traveled to the hospital before the biggest night of music.

Halsey added, “The last time I attended Grammys was 2017.” And three days after my first endometriosis surgery. I still walk the carpet with my stitches. “

The singer, who welcomed her first child last year, has repeatedly spoken out about the “extreme pain” and discomfort caused by the disease.

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In 2016, Halsey shared Occasionally they will find themselves “doubled behind the stage in the set and fighting tears on the plane.” Sometimes the pain was so bad that they would “vomit or become unconscious.”

They compare feeling like a disorder “Captive in your own body.”

During the 2022 Grammy, where Halsey Fourth studio album If I can’t love, I want strength Nominated for Best Option Album, the singer will continue to move forward through the challenges posed by endometriosis.

Halsey said they “Fragile, but excited” for the awards ceremony.

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