HGTV’s information about Hillary Farr: Family life, career details

It’s love or list Host Hillary Farr The audience is always looking for a way to fall in love with her! The HGTV star and his colleagues, David Vicentin, Really know how to take home from drab to fab in hit series. Viewers may be shocked to learn some amazing facts about home designers that were not mentioned in the show.

Hillary and David have proven to be quite a dynamic onscreen pair since they started their first job It’s love or list Journey in 2008. Although they may quarrel occasionally, their friendship has endured the test of time off-screen and off-screen.

The television personality said, “We have a truly deep affection and a really good, real, healthy competition.” On the streets of Toronto In September 2012. “It simply came to our notice then. We quarrel. We are just the opposite. We worship each other. We laugh a lot at each other. “

In December 2021, Hillary landed on her own popular home design network called Show Hard love with Hillary Farr. The series brings solutions to help families refresh their homes and use all the space they have. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however;

“It’s a show where we’re dealing with emotional issues and mental problems that have reached a breaking point and just need to be resolved,” said the Canadian-born host. In January 2022. “At the same time, there is a personal process between me and homeowners that is fun. It reveals about the owners and sometimes about me because I share my life experiences because it parallels them. So they understand that I am empathetic, but I also have the experience to be able to help them understand the solutions. “

While she’s not shooting one of her incredibly popular shows, Hillary enjoys touring her stunning Toronto home. He is constantly talking about open floor plans that provide plenty of space for guests to relax or unwind.

“It’s an interesting design because it works very well in COVID’s world by chance. I like the idea of ​​an open plan but I also like the idea of ​​being able to close those places, “said Hillary. About the layout of his house in June 2021.

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