Home of Tareq El Musa and Heather Rai Young: Pictures of their home

If there is one couple who knows how to build a dream home, it is Tareq El Musa And Heather Ray Young. He gained fame by acting on HGTV Flip or flop With his ex-wife, Christina Hack. After the home renovation couple’s divorce was finalized in 2018, Heather caught Tarek’s eye during a boating trip. The Sell ​​the sunset The star and father of two were married on October 23, 2021, and together they bought a beautiful home in California.

Tarek and Heather started dating in July 2019. After just four days of dating, they leave together and fall in love. The former Playboy Playmate Tarek poses with his kids, Taylor and Braden, in their 2019 Christmas photo. By April 2020, the couple decided to move into a rented house in Newport Beach, California. Just a few months later, in July 2020, d Flipping 101 The star offers blonde beauties.

“I am the luckiest girl in the world. I have this man who is very loving and romantic, and he really has the biggest heart, “he said. Lifestyle After the proposal. “It simply came to our notice then A manShe really, and then, has this kind, tender heart for me and the kids and our animals and our families. “

After their engagement, Heather and Tarek bought a house together in Newport Beach, which she first wanted to turn over. The couple fell in love with the property and decided it could be their dream home after the renovation. The project encountered some roadblocks when the floodwaters caused water damage around the house.

“Well, we had no good wishes for our new home. We bought it and decided to rebuild it, and now it looks like a war zone, “Heather shared in an Instagram post in November 2020. Was !! And we are super super backward!

Despite the setback, Tarek unveiled the finished house for Heather and her children in a November 2021 episode. Flipping 101. During the episode, Taylor shared that he thought the place looked “amazing”. The kitchen with white cabinets and brand new appliances is the main attraction of the house. Tarek’s daughter added that the spacious kitchen “looks like a restaurant.”

In addition to their permanent home in Newport Beach, Tarek and Heather bought a cabin on the hill next to where they grew up. The Netflix star shared in an Instagram post in December 2021 that they “also bought the space next door to build our own hill house which we are designing from scratch!”

Scroll through the fabric and take a tour of Heather’s Newport Beach home.

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