Homosexual dialogue between Jude Law and Mads Mickelsen removed from ‘Fantastic Beast’

By Rachel West.

21 seconds ago

Warner Bros. in the Chinese edition of “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore” has removed the dialogue, citing the homosexual relationship between Jude Law’s Albus Dumbledore and Mads Mickelsen’s Gelart Grindelwald.

In the Chinese version of the movie, the dialogue between the two people, which includes the phrases “because I was in love with you” and “summer galert and I fell in love,” has been removed. According to Warner Bros. Diversity, Although the lines have been edited, “the spirit of the film remains intact,” with the understanding that the two characters once fell in love.

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Writer JK Rowling described Dumbledore as gay in 2009, although the movies have not yet explicitly mentioned his sexuality.

A statement from Warner Bros. stated that the studio was “committed to safeguarding the integrity of every film we release” and that this means “sensitively” being created for a specific international market.

The studio says, “In the case of ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore’, a six-second cut was requested and Warner Bros. accepted those changes to suit local requirements, but the spirit of the film remains intact.” Let the film be seen and enjoyed, and it is important to us that the Chinese audience also get a chance to enjoy it with these minor edits. “

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Homosexuality has been legal in mainland China for more than two decades, and since 2001 the Chinese Society of Psychiatry has stopped classifying it as a mental disorder. However, same-sex marriage is not recognized and the LGBTQ + community still struggles with acceptance in traditional societies.

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