How Sienna Miller changed her priorities at age 40: ‘I feel more in control

By Rachel West.

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Sienna Miller is clear about being 40 years old and is happier than ever in recent numbers. When the United Kingdom.

“I like the serenity of it. There are very few concerns, without any specific reason, probably turning 40 and surrendering to a life that is completely irrelevant, “he told the magazine.

Miller, who turned 40 in December, said: “I think I know what’s important to me: my friendships, my children and, finally, trying to be happy সহ it’s really enough with an explosion of intensity and creativity. And, you know, sometimes Sometimes it’s still fun, but I feel more in control of my life. And it’s really, really comforting. “

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For the stars of Netflix’s upcoming “Anatomy of a Scandal” and mother of two, Miller says she has finally been able to stop the pressure for another child and is now ready to let nature take its course.

“[I felt] Stress [about] Kids, and I should have more, and why I don’t, and all that, which is a really loud word. Biology has been incredibly cruel to women in that decade – that’s the title, or it must have been for me, “she said. “Then I turned 40 and I froze some eggs. Really focused on the need to give birth to another baby, I’m just saying, ‘If this happens, it happens.’ The threat of such an existence is gone. “

Eli UK / Tom Shirmachar
Eli UK / Tom Shirmachar

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Gaining fame overnight in his 20s and making a headline with Jude Law, Miller says it was like entering a “completely parallel universe.”

“There was a lot of magic at that time. At first, it was kind of ridiculous, but very quickly it became deceptive and, yes, scary, “she says.” And my boyfriend [Law, at the time] Over the years it has been felt and felt, understandably, a great deal of hostility towards this kind of attention. So, my initial reaction was the same. “

“I became so judgmental, just to try and create an existence that I could manage,” he says. “You see, women explode as a result. You can’t hold back prudence or grounding. “

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Due to his sudden rise to the spotlight, Miller admitted to feeling underestimated as an actor, adding, “I don’t know what else I have to do.”

“I think, from a young age, I’ve proven myself,” he says “Without arrogance, because I’m suffering from insecurity and low self-esteem – and that’s true, I’m not just saying that – but I think I’ve reached a stage of nihilism, which I’m pretty happy about. I don’t know if [because of] Kovid, but I don’t really care. “

Eli UK / Tom Shirmachar
Eli UK / Tom Shirmachar

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