Huntergirl removes the crowd with another showstopper ‘Idol’ performance

By Corey Atad.

4 minutes ago

Another week, another great performance from Huntergirl.

In the top 24 episodes of “American Idol” in Hawaii on Sunday night, 24-year-old country singer Raskel Flats sang “Banjo”.

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Speaking to mentor Jimmy Allen before the performance, Huntergirl admitted, “The thing that makes me nervous is that I’m not playing the guitar at the moment,” adding that he saw his guitar as his “safety blanket.”

Allen says of the aspiring star, “He has the power of voice, right now he’s painting a complete picture of an entertainer.”

And judging from the reaction to her performance, Huntergirl had nothing to worry about, clapping her hands as the crown shook and her energetic take on the country hit.

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“I’m not worried about you, girl; You know how to work the crowd. People want to party with you, you know how to party. I want to party with you, “said Katy Perry later. Although he did mention a few pitch issues, he added, “Like I said, I’m not worried about you.”

Luke Bryan told him, “You come here and play the song, you get people to dance and I like the song,” Luke Bryan told him. “You can move away from your guitar, entertain the crowd and have fun with a huge feather in your cap. Well done! “

Finally, Lionel Richie added, “What makes it interesting is the crowd watching and how you do this little word called ‘entertainment’. Believe it or not, what most people don’t understand is that the artist is the person who manages the crowd. “

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