In the positive test for Anderson Cooper Covid-19, the kids are OK

By Jamie Samhan.

2 minutes ago

Anderson Cooper is the latest star to share that they have tested positive for COVID-19.

The CNN host shared the news on Monday via his Instagram story.

“It simply came to our notice then. Fortunately the kids are negative, “Cooper wrote. He is the father of Wyatt, about 2, and Sebastian, 2 months.

“Hopefully I can get back to work soon,” he added.

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Instagram story.  Photo: @andersoncooper / Instagram
Instagram story. Photo: @andersoncooper / Instagram

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Cooper recently expressed concern about how his sons would bond.

“With White, I’m moving in a different direction. I’m doing a slower roll with Sebastian. I didn’t want Watt’s life to suddenly change dramatically … White doesn’t stay on top of him every day. We go out with a lot of things,” Cooper said. The way he and his brother Carter Vanderbilt Cooper were raised is about trying to do.

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