Inside Madonna’s bizarre face transformation – plastic surgeons have weight

There is Material girl Has it gone too far? Plastic surgeons are weighing MadonnaThe singer, 63, made her bizarre appearance on TikTok over the weekend, surprising her fans with her ever-changing face.

In the video shared on Sunday, it was difficult not to notice Madonna’s dramatic features, including a forehead that could not move, a cheekbone and a large pout.

Wearing a C-Through T-shirt without a bra, the superstar pulled her blonde hair into a braided braid and did not try to move away from the camera.

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Pressing her big lips on the phone she was recording, Madonna turned off all of her followers. After sharing the video, the singer made it clear that they were not impressed.

“I’ve loved Madonna since I was little … huge fan … love her … but it’s hard to pass … what has she done for herself?” A follower asked. “It really scared me. I won’t lie,” announced another.

“Sometimes it’s just better to be old,” joked a third. “Girl, it’s getting embarrassing right now,” shared the fourth. Others could not help but joke with someone who compared her to himJocelyn Wildenstein – The 81-year-old former socialite is known for his extensive cosmetic surgery operations.

“General X. Look away. It won’t tarnish the entire cylindrical memory of the 80’s. Look away,” wrote another fan.

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Following Madonna’s Facegate, Dr. Steve Falek Said ok! He believes he has dropped the case. It is noteworthy that the New York-based surgeon did not work on the singer.

He announced that there were “many problems” with Madonna’s changed appearance.

“Starting from the top, he had a bunch of Botox so his forehead wasn’t moving at all,” Falek complained.

“His upper eyelids have also dropped significantly, which we call ptosis, and should be fixed,” he claims. “Cheeks are filled with too much filler and too much facial fat can be reduced to make her face thinner.”

Dr. Falek further believes that his lips are “out of proportion and too big for him.”

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Madonna’s appearance has changed throughout the year, but her changes have not been as noticeable as on Grammy Day. While the music icon is not on the Las Vegas awards show, he has given a lot of people something to talk about.

Keep scrolling through the years to see Madonna’s transformation!

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Madonna took heart because she was never afraid to push the envelope. In 1990 (shown above), she played with short bleach blonde hair and deep red lips.

Inside Madonna's weird look transformation - plastic surgeons weigh 8


Madonna starred in the 90’s at the 12th Annual American Music Awards.

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