Is Blue Atlas really that good?

Lots of skin and hair care brands will claim that their products are the best and only choice for your body, but in reality, how many of them actually care about your health and wellness? If you are going to invest your time and money in a brand, it is important to make sure that you find one that is always looking for your best interests, and not just looking for profit. Blue Atlas is a men’s skin and hair care brand focused on bringing luxurious grooming right to your doorstep.

We understand how difficult it is to fix your own skin care method. In this Blue Atlas review, you will see that this brand is trying to do it for you, offering an array of products that address issues ranging from dry hair to oily skin. With simple packaging and an enjoyable scent, each product works well for men of all walks of life and is versatile enough to use for virtually every sex. Even with this bold mission of developing universally effective skin and hair care products for everyone, we still have to ask: Is Blue Atlas any good? Take a moment to review what this brand has to offer.

What is Blue Atlas?

Blue Atlas is a brand for modern people, eliminating the worries of choosing the perfect product for your skin, hair and body. When it comes to your outfit and shower routine, the process can be a little stressful, especially if you have no idea where to start. This brand doesn’t let you choose different types of face cleansers, body washes and serums – they try their best to create the ideal formula for each product so that virtually anyone can try and like them. No need to spend fifteen minutes comparing shampoo to any store.

The Blue Atlas shopping experience is completely online; With just a few clicks, you can get all the tools you need to clean your home without the hassle of cleaning. You can also opt for their subscription service, which offers a 20% discount!

Does Blue Atlas have any products?

Blue Atlas contains all the products you need for a successful shower session. The brand divides their products into three different categories: face + skin, hair + body and perfume.

Face + skin

Volcanic Ash Face Cleanser: A deep-cleansing face wash that removes impurities, dirt and debris from your skin for a perfectly clean pore. ($ 20)

Vitamin C Serum: A serum with mulberry root extract and ascorbic acid to reduce the appearance of dark spots and protect you from further UV damage. (35)

Face Moisturizer: A facial cream that moisturizes and hydrates without leaving sticky residue. ($ 22)

Aftershave: A post-shave treatment that stops irritation on its tracks, leaving behind alcohol-free relief that hydrates and disinfects. ($ 24)

Shave cream: A shaving cream that makes facial hair smooth and soft for a clean and close shave every time. ($ 30)

Restorative Eye Stick: An eye serum that removes dark circles under the eyes and prevents the development of wrinkles and fine lines. (35)

Purifying Face Mask: A powerful face mask that detoxifies your skin while toning your complexion and balancing your pH levels. ($ 38)

Exfoliating Scrub: A body exfoliant that removes residual dead skin, dirt and debris without drying your face. ($ 25)

Hair + body

Shampoo: A gentle hair wash that cleanses your hair and scalp without removing the natural oils that keep your hair healthy. ($ 22)

Conditioner: A hydrating, lightweight conditioner that works well for all hair types. ($ 22)

Body Wash: A gentle body cleanser that focuses on a thorough cleansing while leaving your skin feeling smooth and moisturized.

Deodorant: A completely natural deodorant that soaks up sweat with bentonite and gives you a fresh scent throughout the day. ($ 15)


Atlantis Colon: The perfect fragrance for any person at any time of the day. Great for a professional setting or a cozy date night. ($ 100)

What are the products they must have?

Volcanic ash cleanser

Blue Atlas
Blue Atlas

Owners of selected skin know that it is very difficult to find a face wash that meets all their standards. If you do not react well with cleansers with chemical detergents, it is best to go with all the natural surfactants and ingredients that are ready to help you get rid of acne-causing dirt and debris without drying you out.

This cleanser contains bentonite, which gently removes oil and other impurities with each wash. A pH balancing formula, Lactobacillus ferment filtrate will make your skin look toned and smooth, which also protects you against contamination and UV damage.

Restorative Eye Stick

Blue Atlas
Blue Atlas

For men, choosing eye serum is more important than your mind. Men lose collagen at a much faster rate than their female counterparts, so investing in great anti-aging products will help you in the long run. This restorative eye stick helps you look more awake and fresh by reducing swelling and keeping dark circles in bed.

Vitamin C, caffeine, and algae extract energize and brighten your eye area so that even if you don’t type to get your 8 hours, it will definitely look like this. The sticky form of the serum is also great for preventing any more wrinkles in your eye area, so you don’t promote any more wrinkles or stretch marks.

Pure mask

Blue Atlas
Blue Atlas

Using a face mask is not only a post-work treat that you can indulge yourself in, it is also a life saver for your complexion. Sometimes, your daily face cream is not enough, and you need a product that will send a blast of hydration to your skin and soothe any redness or irritation from shaving or exfoliation.

This Kaolin Clay Face Mask uses goji berry extract and algae extract to remove excess dirt and oil from your skin while adding a layer of protection against post-shave inflammation.


Blue Atlas
Blue Atlas

You may not always use aftershave, but when you do, the difference is hard to ignore. Blue Atlas has created their After Shave specifically to soothe even the most problematic skin. Shea butter and aloe vera will not dare to appear razor bumps and ingrown hairs on the face, which protects while moisturizing. Rose flower water also adds a rejuvenating dose, eliminating any persistent inflammation.

This is the best aftershave for men with sensitive skin which does not respond well to other splashes or leftovers! Blue Atlas ensures that this aftershave is completely alcohol and sulfate-free, so your skin will be relieved knowing that it will not suffer from any excessive dryness.


Blue Atlas
Blue Atlas

You absolutely do not need sulfate to get the foamy clean you have always enjoyed. Blue Atlas has created their shampoo to hydrate every follicle while cleaning your hair and scalp with a coconut-based surfactant. Detergents derived from this plant cleanse and soothe your scalp, while controlling your oil production so that you do not feel the need for extra washing per week.

When you wash, rinse and repeat, you will notice that your hair does not have the empty, plump feeling that other shampoos can leave behind. This shampoo also contains aloe leaf juice and jojoba oil, which effectively moisturizes your hair and scalp as well as protects your strands.


Blue Atlas
Blue Atlas

Many people want a conditioner that adds intense hydration to their hair, but hates the thick, heavy feeling that many formulas contain. This feeling is primarily caused by silicone, which can leave clots and residues that can cause flakes and dandruff.

Your conditioner should add more moisture to your hair, not take it away! Blue Atlas has made this lightweight conditioner suitable for all hair types, so if you avoid the conditioner because you are afraid of greasy after-effects, you will not be afraid anymore.

The reason for choosing Blue Atlas

All-natural, vegan formula

In addition to freeing all of their products from artificial fragrances, Blue Atlas strives to make their entire brand completely vegetarian and all-natural. The problem with other skin and hair care brands is that they rely heavily on chemical detergents, perfumes and other ingredients to “enhance” your shower experience.

In fact, many of these ingredients work against your body’s chemistry, so people with sensitive skin may not enjoy all the benefits of a product they are waiting for. With plant-derived ingredients, your body is designed to process them so you are less likely to be bothered by them. All Blue Atlas products are also cruelty-free, so you can enjoy a clean shave and a fresh scalp in the most eco-friendly way.

Luxurious skin and hair care at a great price

Many luxury skin and hair care brands keep the price of their products above $ 50, which makes it quite unaffordable for the average person. Blue Atlas wants you to have a spa-like experience at a reasonable price, so all of their products range from 15-100, with an average product price of around -30 25-30. If you choose their subscription service, the price goes down even more. You deserve to indulge yourself with products that care for you and feel the value of splurge, and Blue Atlas makes it easy.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We were all there: you go to the store and buy a product and you can’t wait to go home and try it. But as soon as you open the bottle, you either can’t stand the smell, or your skin and hair are completely rejecting it.

Whether we like it or not, this is a normal part of combining your decor routine, but at the same time it can be quite risky for your wallet. Blue Atlas wants you to enjoy every aspect of your shopping experience with them. So, if you have a problem with your product, you can return it and get all your money back!

Buy or not buy

Now that we’ve dived deeper into our Blue Atlas reviews and seen what they offer, it’s time to decide: is this brand worth the investment? From their safe, functional formula to their intuitive variety of products, it seems to us that this would be the perfect brand for those who are either at the beginning of their perfect makeup journey, or tired of rifling through shaving creams and cleansers. Find the ones that don’t bother their skin.

With Blue Atlas, it really shows that you can get it all! You will be able to enjoy a luxurious experience from your first click to the first pump of your product. Many brands do not care about your health and well-being and only make their products to sell you sweet-smelling foam bottles.

However, when it comes to Blue Atlas, it really seems that they care about offering the best all-natural grooming products for every person, not just for every person. Our final consensus? Give Blue Atlas a try, you won’t regret it.

Written in partnership with Grooming Playbook.

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