‘I’ve always loved Johnny’: Amber Hard made a public statement earlier

Amber Hard She and her ex-husband wrote a large post on social networks before the new defamation court hearing Johnny Depp Attend in person. He said he was temporarily leaving the social network and added that he still loves Johnny.

Amber Hard and Johnny Depp divorced in 2016 after the actress accused her husband of domestic violence. After Hard’s allegations, the press began to poison the actor.

Thus, The Sun Publishing called him “a man who beats his wife” in his material. Depp filed a defamation suit against Tabloid, but the court found him guilty.

The actor did not give up and sued again. He had an argument that Hard took the seven million dollars he received after the divorce and this time he was able to prove his case.

Depp did not stop there and filed a 50,000 defamation suit against his ex-wife. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the proceedings were delayed, but the ex-husbands will appear in court today.

The scandal with his ex-wife also ruined Johnny Depp’s career . After allegations of domestic violence, film studios refused to cooperate with him. He lost his role in Fantastic Beasts: A Dumbledore Mystery. The sixth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise also went out without Depp.

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