Jack Gillenhall makes a pitch-perfect Michael Bay impression

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13 minutes ago

Jake Gyllenhaal showing off his Michael Bay disguise.

The actor was dropped from the Monday episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” With his “Ambulance” co-star Yahya Abdul-Matin II to talk about working with a successful director.

When asked about a movie stunt involving two helicopters under a bridge, the star confirmed that it’s all real. He revealed that the stunt came as a surprise to both of them.

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“It wasn’t written in the script,” Gillenhall admits, before telling a story that included an amazing impression of Bay.

“[Abdul-Mateen] The ambulance was driving where we were about to enter our CV and we got a call from Michael Bay, ”he began. “She goes, you know, I actually opened the LA River!” Drive back! ‘”

It turns out that the director somehow found a way to enter the river and planned a whole new scene.

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“Just meet us there, we’ll shoot there!” He continued. “So we drove under a bridge and he said, ‘I got two helicopters! OK? OK? We’re going to fly two helicopters under the bridge, OK? You just jump off the thing and shoot the helicopter. That would be great.’ ‘ I was like, ‘How did you get the two helicopters somewhere in the middle?’ He said, “Don’t ask! Roll!”

It turns out that even a director bigger than life had a penchant for real estate bigger than life because the two actors remembered their first meeting on Bay’s huge estate.

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“It took us a while to find each other there. It’s a very big house,” Gillienhall recalled. “It’s a huge house and it’s full of ‘Transformer’ memories. I ran to Bumblebee before I ran [Abdul-Mateen]”

“There are trees. I am talking inside the house, “Abdul Matin added. “There are trees when you walk up the stairs, there are trees on both sides.”

‘Ambulance’ will be released in theaters on April 6.

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