Jack Gillenhall talks about hanging from a moving vehicle in a wild ‘ambulance’ stunt:

By Brent Fordick.

1 minute ago

Jack Gillenhall unveils a crazy stunt in the new Michael Bay film “Ambulance”, in which he drives a stolen ambulance full of hostages while being chased by police on the banks of the Los Angeles River in the role of a career criminal.

Although the stunt is the movie’s showpiece, Bay – who has shown his faith in action-movies in films such as “Transformers”, “Bad Boys” and “Armageddon” – did not have that scene in the original script, and created the spot.

“I had no idea,” Gillenhall said in an interview Diversity At the film’s premiere, he explains how he learned to hang out of a moving car while chasing a speeding car.

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“We were on our way home, [co-star] Yahya [Abdul Maheen II] He was driving an ambulance. Our days were almost over, and we were driving out of our character costumes to get back to our civic attire. Michael called us on the radio and said, ‘Wait, come back! They opened the LA River! ‘”Gilenhal recalled.

Walk them through the Bay Stunts. “He was, ‘I have an idea! I have two helicopters!'” Gilenhal said. “And I was like, ‘How? Are you saying you have two helicopters? Where are they?’

Once Bay was able to coordinate the plan with his stunt team, they stopped and ran.

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“[Michael] Just planning the whole scene, an improvisation of the scene, and it went that way, “Gilenhal explained.

“Every day was a bit like this,” he added. “And I was, ‘That’s why you make a Michael Bay movie. That’s why. To get out of a moving vehicle and have fun.’

“Ambulance” hits theaters on Friday, April 8.

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