Jack Harlow slimmed down after the Kids Choice Awards performance

By Brent Fordick.

3 minutes ago

Jack Harlow took to the stage at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday, April 9th.

Harlow entertained the crowd with a mix of “Nail Tech”, “Industry Baby” and “First Class” hits.

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Wandering around the stage in a white jumpsuit, Harlow concludes on stage at his performance center – where he is drenched in green slime from a pair of jets coming off the stage floor.

Picture of Rich Fury / Getty Images for Nickelodeon
Picture of Rich Fury / Getty Images for Nickelodeon

As the crowd cheered, Harlow posed on stage in his slim-wet suit and smiled.

After the show, Harlow shared a pair of pre- and post-slim photos of her before and after the show.

Following Harlow’s bloody performance, viewers took to Twitter to question the wisdom behind performing her adult-based hits for Harlow’s kids.

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