Jamie Dornan says it’s ‘fun’ to be considered for the next James Bond

By Jamie Samhan.

2 minutes ago

Jamie “James Bond” Dornan?

The “Barb and Star Go to Vista del Mar” actor has touched on the rumor that he is going to replace Daniel Craig in the next “Bond” movie.

Talk to you soon and keep up the good content Esquire Actors have responded to appear in major franchises.

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‚ÄúPresumption is such a king disease. It is a disease in all our cultures. In my line of work, sure. But in general, people really make predictions based on anything, and that’s very sad, “Dornan said.

He then cited his friend Robert Pattinson as an example.

“Look at the reaction when Robb played the role of Batman. It was like 90 percent negative. Daniel Craig plays James Bond; I mean, it was 100 percent negative. What was written was disgusting. It was actually annoying when you see that people with the king’s toxic angry casting decision. And then what is the guess? Daniel Craig ** King is brilliant, and it changes the whole power of Bond. All the saboteurs like what Rob did to Batman, “he continued.

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Dornan was asked about being shortlisted for the role of James Bond, to which he replied: I think if you look at that list, it’s very clear, there’s not a single person on that list who doesn’t have some content right now that is doing well. “

Henry Cavill has another name in the race, recently reported Sunday Times “Time will tell” who will be the next bond.

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