Jane Seymour’s comments make it clear that she ‘did nothing’

By Jamie Samhan.

50 seconds ago

Jane Seymour is commenting on getting plastic surgery.

The actress had previously said that she had “done nothing” but told “Steffs Packed Lunch” that she was talking about what she was talking about before filming “Wedding Crushers” and has since undergone breast implants and an eye.

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“They misunderstood and I’ll fix it for you … I was asked when I did ‘Wedding Crushers’, if I did anything, I was honest, I was always honest,” Seymour said. Daily message.

Seymour proceeded to clarify what he had said.

“I said, ‘Yeah, my breasts improved when I was 40 because my two babies were well fed and I felt they needed a little help,'” Seymour said. “Before I was, I still do. In fact, I had a little blister under my eye and the photographer I was working with said, ‘It’s so easy that they can do something and get rid of that blister and would you please ? Because it takes too long to reform? ‘ So I said okay. But that’s it. “

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The “Harry Wild” star added that he had nothing against people who had plastic surgery and was asked if he had any facelifts that he didn’t have.

“I decided that what I really needed to do was do comedy, play with the 85-year-old lunatic and have a great series like ‘Harry [Wild]’And why not? I aim to age as nicely as possible, ”he concluded.

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