Jared Leto will be ready to tattoo Belinder’s name like Christian Nodal

Jared Leto Admitting what Lupillo Rivera, Chris Angel and Christian Nodal did at the time, he was surprised that he would draw tattoos in honor of Belinda.

First Chris Angel, then Lupillo Rivera, and finally Christian Nodal, or at least those with tattoos. Belinda , Now shocked by Jared Leto. A tattoo with the name of the singer who is going to marry Nodal.

It happened during an interview that Jared Golden offered on Scorpion’s YouTube channel, which was not limited to just asking him questions about “Morbius”, where Leto played.

In his style, Alex Montiel, who plays Golden Scorpion, asked Jared: “Do you have a tattoo ball with Belinda written on it?” The Thirty Second to Mars singer replied: “On the neck?”

Neck, chest, face. You know, our friend Belinda added a golden scorpion. Of course, Leto guaranteed.

Artists are longtime friends. A few years ago, Belinda fans were surprised that he was part of Jared Leto’s circle of faith. The Latin music star was one of the celebrities who instructed on Instagram what the actor did during his captivity.

The two explained that they knew each other personally, not just through social networks, and maintained a very close relationship during the discussion. They never made it clear how or where they first met.

“Of course, I know him,” Jared quickly confirmed. “You are talking about a very talented singer and actress,” he added.

For Belinda, as can be seen in her Instagram photo, she had already deleted the initials of Christian Nodal, which she had tattooed on her ankle while they were together.

Christian, on the other hand, was pretty clear when he turned his attention to Belinda: he covered the singer’s name with the Poker Deck logo, which was close to his ear, and soon confirmed it by his trusted tattoo artist.

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