Jay Balvin and Maria Besser have been criticized for their “Out of Tune” song

Colombian singer J. Balvin And Maria Bessara seemed to be in the first block of the Grammy Awards.

Colombian singer Jose Alvaro, better known as Antonio Balvin, J. Balvin, and his colleagues Maria Besara MGM gave a presentation at the 64th edition of the Grammy Awards held at the Garden Arena in Las Vegas, USA.

However, both the singers have been severely criticized by the public who have seen the show as it seems that they both lost their voices while performing live. What else? ‘ In addition, Bessara’s finish was classified as “weak”.

On the other hand, it was not the only show where he sang in Spanish. There was also La Gotta Freya, served by Aimi Nuviola.

During the gala, Colombia also sang “ In The Ghetto “Which was released in September 2021. Again, multiple people showed joy during the dance, which was considered as one of their current achievements.

He was even selected in the ‘Best Latin Urban Music Album’ category along with other great personalities like Bad Bunny and his country’s female Carol G. The record producer also came to the awards ceremony with his partner, model Valentina Ferrer. And the mother of her only child.

Maria Besara , Also known in her home country as “Argentina Girl” and Colombia, represented her on the first block of the show. Also included are Silk Sonic and Olivia Rodrigo, who are considered one of the most respected people of the night.

As a result, many regret and say, ‘Then what else? They sang after the show’s favorites, who stood out from the audience and received praise.

Recently, resident Jay mentioned a song addressed to Balvin, although he did not respond to harsh criticism. Nevertheless, many predicted that 13 members would come on stage during the gala to challenge Colombia.

This reputation moved me. But I don’t ignore what happened, ”he paused as he waited for the show to continue with the Argentine artist.

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