Jennifer Lopez has announced her engagement to Ben Affleck

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Engagement of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez! Affleck popped the question to Lopez for the second time after reviving their romance in February 2021.

Lopez made big headlines on April 8 in his On the JLO newsletter. In one video, Lopez sheds tears and shows off her stunning green ring, saying, “You’re perfect.” Lopez’s sister Linda shared a photo of the ring on her Instagram store and wrote, “That’s what happened. I love you @jlo #benaffleck. “

The 52-year-old singer recently sparked speculation that she and 49-year-old Affleck got engaged after coming out wearing a ring on her left ring finger while shopping for furniture.

Lydia Lopez / Instagram
Lydia Lopez / Instagram

On Twitter, Lopez teased a “major announcement” by adding a ring emoji to his handle on Friday.

Affleck and Lopez were previously engaged in 2002, when he proposed with a memorable pink ring, but rejected it in 2004. They remain on friendly terms before romantically reconnecting after her breakup with her ex Alex Rodriguez. The two were not ashamed to show off their PDAs and became Instagram officials in July 2021 when Lopez shared a steamy photo of the two kissing during her 52nd birthday celebration.

The couple was spotted chatting with her ex-husband Mark Anthony – 14-year-old twins Max and M with their children, and in August, Lopez was spotted picking a necklace for Affleck’s daughter, 16. 13-year-old Serafina. Affleck also shares a 10-year-old son, Samuel, with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner.

In July 2021, a source told ET that the two were giving priority to each other.

“JLO has been tough and has certainly done the same thing to Ben this time around,” the source said. “Ben is a man and does his own thing which JLO loves. He has his own life and he is famous for being different from her and not trying to compete with her in any way. They just support and love each other. “

“When Ben reached out to JLO, he was really excited about the possibility of reviving their relationship,” the source continued. “JLO has always been in love with Ben. The day before, Ben had severed ties with JLO because he was overwhelmed by the regular media attention and reputation he brought to the relationship, but now they are in an amazing place and they really learned that for them as a couple. What works. “

Towards the end of that month, a source told ET that everything seemed “100 percent normal” when Affleck and Lopez came to revive their romance.

“Once they were revived, it seemed like no time had passed,” the source said. “It simply came to our notice then. They feel in this moment of their lives that they were undeniably made for each other. Things got easier between Ben and Jane and that’s what makes their relationship work so well. They work together seamlessly and their relationship rarely takes much effort. ”

Their loved ones also look happy for this couple. When Affleck’s best friend, Matt Damon, was asked about their relationship in July 2021, Damon commented, “I must say, 18 years ago the press was particularly horrible to them. It’s good that at least they’re doing well this time around. “

A month later, a source told ET that Damon was glad to see Affleck “in such a great place in his life and in his relationship.”

“Matt is delighted that JLO and Ben are back together in this new, more mature way,” the source said. “Ben is doing really well and his friends are watching.”

As they exes, there is no bad blood.

“Jane Garner and Mark Anthony continue to support and there does not appear to be any ill will across the board,” a source told ET in July 2021. “They all want the best for each other and their families.”

In March 2022, a source told ET that an engagement was an “ongoing conversation” between the couple.

“Ben and Jane can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together and know they were lucky enough to be together,” the source said. “Jane and Ben are incredibly supportive of each other. Ben is Jane’s number one fan and she totally champs him and always tells him how great he is. He loves to talk about his various projects. He’s also a huge supporter, but Ben really doesn’t tell everyone Can’t imagine how smart and hardworking he is. “

“They talk actively about what they haven’t done in the past and use those experiences now to strengthen their relationship, for the future and for themselves and their families,” the source continued. “They are committed to a healthy, lasting relationship.”

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