Jennifer Lopez removes makeup without ‘special’ to share her morning routine

52A, Jennifer Lopez Great! Through Instagram, Superstar has given fans a chance to peek into her makeup skincare routine.

Jennifer Lopez shows how she gets the shine of her signature! On Wednesday, April 6, the 52-year-old introduced his fans to his skincare routine in a new Instagram video and confirmed that he does not use Instagram filters. “I have no special light or anything; it’s just morning light.

I have no specific filter here; It’s my face, “she said as she came out of the shower, her prominent hair still wet.” Hello everyone, this is a beautiful day out. It’s pretty; I just got out of the shower and cleaned with my cleanser, “he explained.
Of course, the singer and actress used several products from her JLO Beauty range that she launched in January 2021.

The brand’s ‘Holy Grail’ product, which has antioxidant-rich olive oil roots, is also included. : JLO Beauty Glue Serum, Retail at $ 79. “So, you see, there’s still no makeup,” he explained after cleaning. Jennifer had previously said that she has been a fan of morning cleaning makeup since the night before. Adding the serum, the “medicine” singer called the product “a vitamin for the mouth … I like to think about it.” Take my vitamins in the morning. A good start off my day.

Shag fah fag? Protective sunscreen. “Sunscreen is essential and it’s one of my beauty puzzles since the early twenties; I was in my late teens,” she said. “When you were little, your mother gave it to you to protect your skin from the sun, and I carried it until adolescence, and it was a game-changer … protection from the sun every day. There was no sun. When I was in New York Growing up – it made a big difference in protecting me from sun damage.

Jennifer refuses to use Botox to stop wrinkles – thanks to her healthy lifestyle, which includes a strict skincare routine, exercise and a healthy diet. “I’m safe now and ready to endure whatever the day,” he said of his sunscreen, adding a little eye cream before the end.

“It’s my morning habit,” he said before pointing to one of his twin children, Emme or Max, 14, who “knocked” on his door. They are knocking on my door; They are already scolding me. I don’t think I’m preparing or doing anything, but I am, ”he joked.

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