Jennifer Lopez reveals Ben Affleck’s proposed intimate space

By Miguel A Melendez, Brent Fordick.

4 minutes ago

Jennifer Lopez couldn’t get any more romantic offer than this from Ben Affleck, who got down on one knee and asked the question to the singer’s “favorite place on earth”.

The 52-year-old singer and actress revealed in her on-the-JLO newsletter that her “biggest dream” came true last weekend when the “Armageddon” star, out of nowhere, asked her to marry him.

“On Saturday night when my favorite place in the world (during the bubble bath), my beautiful love got on one knee and proposed,” Lopez revealed. “I was completely turned away and just looking into his eyes and smiling and trying to turn my head by crying that this is happening again after 20 years, I was literally speechless and he said, ‘Is this yes?’ I said yes, of course it’s a yes. “

The “Mary Me” star wrote in her newsletter, “I was smiling so much and tears were flowing down my face, so I was incredibly happy and feeling full. It wasn’t fancy at all, but it was the most romantic thing I could ever imagine. Couldn’t … Just on a quiet Saturday night at home, two people always promise to be with each other. Very lucky two people. Who got a second chance at true love. “

He goes on to say that “green has always been the color of my good fortune and now, for sure, it will always be,” followed by a shamrock, a diamond ring and a green heart emoji. Lopez posted a video on her website asking her to look at the camera and share similar details she wrote in her newsletter. But, at one point near the end of the video, he looks up and whispers, “I love you”, probably looking at Affleck, who is seen reacting in the video, “I love you too.” A flickering lopez then shows a huge green diamond ring before belting a line from The Dixie Cup’s “Chapel of Love”. The newsletter also includes a photo of Lopez showing the ring and a photo from the time she appeared in the 2002 “Jenny from the Block” music video.

A source told ET that the newlyweds were “very happy and Jane really couldn’t stop laughing.” The source added that Lopez was “bright” and “absolutely loves the ring.”

“She had tears in her eyes when she asked the question,” the source told ET. “The kids are all very excited and telling her how beautiful and huge the ring is. Ben told his friends he was going to propose for a while, so no one was surprised. They expected it someday, and they thought it would happen before it actually happened. Jane definitely wants a wedding and wants to share the moment in a bigger way. She loves the idea of ​​marrying the love of her life and then partying with their family and friends. She feels that everything is going well and can’t wait to get married again. Jane is in a really good place and so is Ben. Jane’s family is so excited that Ben is going to be part of their family. “

A source told ET that the couple was “on the moon about their engagement”.

“They think they are living the life of their dreams,” the source said. “Ben always knew he wanted to marry Jane and they were very excited and happy.”

Affleck and Lopez were previously engaged in 2002, when he proposed with a memorable pink ring, but they rejected it in 2004. They rekindled their romance after Lopez’s breakup from Alex Rodriguez in February 2021.

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