Jennifer Lopez reveals how Ben Affleck proposed to her a second time:

Jennifer Lopez Has published an appeal to fans to let him know how Fool Offers him a second time. Fans began to suspect that the couple decided to get married after noticing a diamond ring on the singer’s ring finger. Jennifer Lopez later confirmed the engagement.

On Saturday night, I was in a bubble bath at my favorite place in the world. And then my sweetheart came, got down on one knee and proposed to me. Ben pulled out the ring and said: “Will you marry me?”.

I stared at the guard and just stared into his eyes, laughing and crying at the same time and trying to accept the fact that 20 years later, it was happening again. I was literally speechless, and then he asked: “Is that so?”. I said: “Yes, of course, yes!”.

I smiled, and tears flowed down my face, and I felt incredibly happy. It was nothing special, but it was the most romantic thing I could imagine.

Just a quiet Saturday night at home and two people who promise to stay with each other forever. Two lucky people who got a second chance at true love.

Ben Affleck presented his fiance with a large green diamond ring: green is the singer’s favorite color.

Actress Ben Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck’s ex-wife, was also happy for the couple. According to insiders, the actor had proposed to his ex-wife. Jane is happy for Ben and knows that J.Lo has positively influenced her in a certain way – insiders tell EOnline.

The romance between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck first began in 2002 on the set of “Giglia”. Soon Affleck made an offer to Lopez, but the marriage did not take place: in 2004, they broke up. However, last spring, they resumed their relationship.

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