Joan Collins says many actresses have not had plastic surgery:

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Joan Collins has revealed that she is getting old nicely.

The “Dynasty” actress shared a post on Instagram where she posted a message about plastic surgery, in response to a recent interview given by actress Jane Seymour on the subject. Daily Express.

In a caption to her glamorous photo, Collins writes: “I’m another #Hollywood actress who didn’t do any” work “@Jenesimu – there are many of us! @Daily Express.”

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In a recent interview, Seymour commented on the state of Hollywood Daily Express.

He described himself as “unusual in Hollywood for not working.” I only know of another actress who didn’t have it – although she can have it now!

“I feel as an actress, I need to move all the moving parts. And I’m in a moment in life where everything doesn’t have to look perfect – it’s about acting a character,” she added.

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Collins’ new social media post seems to be a direct response to the criticism, reminding him that many actresses have not undergone cosmetic surgery.

The actress had previously voiced her thoughts about going under the knife, most recently in her memoirs, which exploded in the Kardashians. My anapologetic diary.

“Chris Jenner, their mother, a good friend of mine and I don’t want to be rude to her children, but there’s been a terrible surgery and I’ve talked to my friends about it, I’m sure. You have, the lower part, the tiny waist.” He wrote.

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