Jocelyn Hernandez is facing a very expensive case

Jocelyn Hernandez Nowadays I find myself in trouble. See the latest report about him below.

The Shade Room notes that it appears that # Jocelyn Hernandez has been sued for আক্রম 25 million for assault and battery. It comes after a brawl last month during the taping of Jocelyn’s Cabaret’s reunion show.

TSR added: “According to documents obtained by @tmz_tv, the dancers claimed that they were wearing high heels for reunion, but the Puerto Rican princess was waiting for them with tight-bottom boots and started the attack.”

TSR note: “Women even went on a rampage on Twitter, claiming that Jocelyn bragged about the beatings with courage.”

Someone said: ‘They are so sorry for not being able to sue Dam Jocelyn’ and one commenter posted this: ‘It is true that he has found himself guilty.’

One follower said: ‘He then tweeted that Chile was going down.’

Another commenter posted: ‘Why are they pressuring you so much, what will you do to them?’

One commenter said: ‘Lmao and he went to the internet and said it himself,’ and one follower posted it: ‘I just knew their tweets were gone and came back and bit him.’

One follower said: ‘Since when does an executive producer get his hands dirty? Mona Scott will never, ‘and one commenter posted it:’ Love and hip hop 10 more seasons to give it a go. ‘

One fan said: ‘Oh no. Zats zee end of zee Cavauréy so to speak. Wishes won’t be fun anymore, ‘and someone else posted it:’ You really have to humble yourself sometimes or God will do it for you. ‘

More people have sent messages in the comments and many fans have said they support him.

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