Joe Manganiello’s favorite dog bubbles have made an amazing appearance in ‘Ellen’,

By Beka Longmayer.

35 minutes ago

Joe Manganillo and his dog Bubble are inseparable.

Actor chats with guest-host Tiffany Hadish and Stephen “tWitch” boss on Thursday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show” about how Bubbles hates his wife Sophia Vargara but loves her.

Manganillo, who brings out the bubbles for an amazing look, explains how the puppy was his first pet and he wasn’t interested in getting a dog at first.

He shared their immediate bond, “I went downstairs, went out, this little head came up from his lap and squirms and ran towards me.”

Joe Manganillo and Bubbles.  Credit: Michael Roseman / Warner Bros.
Joe Manganillo and Bubbles. Credit: Michael Roseman / Warner Bros.
– Credit: Michael Roseman / Warner Bros.

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Manganiello added that the puppy had “started barking” at everyone else, such as “Get away from us, this is my man now” when they met.

The hosts then show pictures of the inseparable pair on awards shows, trips and more.

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Also, Manganielo, Hadish and Tuwich show what they looked like in high school and “I’ve never been!” Let’s play a publisher game!

Manganielo’s Bubbles comments after Vergara told DeGeneres how the puppy fell in love with her husband when she appeared on the show last June:

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