John Batist has been crowned King of the Grammys with five wins, including the best album

LAS VEGAS (AFP) – Industry observers tipped pop superstars as potential big winners at Sunday’s Grammy – but instead Jazman John Batist was crowned king, taking five awards, including the prestigious Album of the Year award.

At the first Silk Sonic star-studded gala in Las Vegas – Bruno Mars and Anderson’s 70s revival project. Pak – They’ve won four potential awards, including their solo record and the best song of the year, “Keep the Doors Open.”

Olivia Rodrigo did not win as many awards as predicted – but Filipino-American pop phenomena won the coveted award for Best New Artist and two trophies in the pop category.

This means that the four top Grammy winners were people of color – a milestone for the recording academy, which has been criticized year after year for disproportionately honoring white men.

“I just keep my head down and work the craft every day,” Batist, a prominent New Orleans musical born in the dynasty, told the audience as he accepted the final prize of the night.

“It’s more than entertainment for me – it’s a spiritual practice.”

The night was heavy for performances, but there were also several fixed moments – most notably when Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made a pre-taped request for support.

Zelensky’s message led to one of the legendary performances of the song “Free” with the help of Ukrainian singer Mika Newton, musician Siuzana Iglidan and poet Luba Yakimchuk.

“On our soil, we are at war with Russia, which has brought a terrible silence with its bombs. Dead silence, “Jelensky said.

“Fill the silence with your music, fill it today to tell our story.”

Despite being among the most nominated artists of the night, pop juggernauts Billy Ilish, Justin Bieber and Lil Nass X are completely off.

But they all staged impressive performances: Hilsa announces “Happy Than Ever” in lightning-supported rain, Bieber delivers an ugly version of “Peaches” and Lil Nass X hosts an irresistible celebration of sex and strangeness on a medal set. With “Montero (Call Me Be Your Name)”.

Rodrigo also gave a sharp presentation of his viral teen breakup hit “Driver’s License,” which demonstrates his catchy voice against a set that mimics a dark night in the suburbs.

“It’s my biggest dream come true,” the 19-year-old said as he picked up the gramophone for Best New Artist.

Lady Gaga performed a few Gippy Standards from her hit duet album “Love for Sale” with Tony Bennett, who introduced her in a short video message.

The big winning batist also performed, demonstrating his resilience as an artist by starting the piano for a classical part before transforming into a rhythmic dance number.

The night’s top-nominated nominee with 11 consents has already led four of his big slipper wins for the best album of the year.

But he was shocked when presenter Lenny Kravitz declared him a big hit of the night.

“I don’t really do it for rewards,” the 35-year-old batsman told reporters behind the scenes.

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The A-lister of music is down to Vegas 3, so Grammys is anyone's game

“Music is something that is very thematic.”

Just a week after Will Smith stunned the world by slapping Chris Rock on the Oscar stage, Grammys time has added an extra layer of unpredictability to one of the biggest nights already on the Showbiz Awards circuit.

That fiasco provoked some gentle squirrels by Sunday night, but in the end proved to be a heavily scripted show in which the antics were virtually non-existent.

Music chaos agent Kanye West stayed at home but won two Grammys, one of which he shared with JZ.

Among the varied crop of winners was Doza Cat, who took her first Grammy in the pop category – which she had to return to pick up after taking a dip from the gala for a bathroom break.

Brooklyn-based Pakistani vocalist Arooj Aftab, who won his first Grammy for Best Global Musical Performance for “Mohabbat” and Best New Artist, told reporters the win “thrilled” him.

And it was a special night for folk icon Johnny Mitchell, who won the award for best historical album after being honored at an ongoing tribute ceremony on Friday.

She made a rare public appearance on stage, seen flying in a red leather beret, sunglasses and floral pants, her long blonde hair in a braid.

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