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John Boega I want to stayBridgeton

The Star Wars star would like to “absolutely” choose to appear in the Netflix period drama – which recently dropped second season stars Jonathan Bailey, Simon Ashley, Character Chandran and Phoebe Dinever – based on Julia Quinn’s book series. About “versatility”.

The 30-year-old actor told reporters at a QA hosted by Julie Adenuga on Wednesday (13.04.22):

John added: “I want to, I have a lot of talent. That’s what we’ve been taught, especially in drama school, we’ve been taught about roles that won’t necessarily get in our way, but we’re still trained to try and portray it. “

The ‘Small X’ star – after completing several high-profile projects – now has “space” to explore other things.

John said: “I feel for sure, I definitely have more room for different things.”

The ‘Attack the Block’ star did “the last round of everything” in her career and recalls how it was “painful” to miss them.

He said: “I think there was a time in my career when I was going through the final round of everything but I wasn’t getting it.

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Bridgeton Season 2

“I went to LA and auditioned for The Maze Runner – before you saw that glorious movie, John Boyega’s break a ** fell asleep at LA on my friend David’s sofa from Hollywood Boulevard at Sunset Gower Studios in LA.

“I know what it’s like with Netflix shows, the closer you get, the more money you get. It’s frustrating in our industry that we know we can get that one job and it can be, but unfortunately, a lot of the time you Come close to it and then you go back and it hurts. “

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