John Mayer surprised the audience with a duet with Maren Morris in Nashville

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John Mayer’s Nashville concert was a big surprise for the audience.

The singer brings Maren Morris as a surprise guest during her show and the two of them serve a duet of “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room”. The song comes from his 2006 album Continuity.

Morris shared a beautiful duet between the two in a video on Instagram.

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“Hello, Meren is not going to be reached right now because he went back to 2006 and his little one told himself that this would happen in 2022 and his brain would explode,” the musician captioned the post.

“I told John after the show that I had briefly popped into my agency suite during the show and that all the agents and artists were watching and enjoying the music, not smudging,” he continued. “The music agents … aren’t talking during the show … I don’t know if you realize how awkward it was and how captivating the music was to make it happen.”

The two have previously collaborated at the 2021 Grammy Awards where they performed Morris’ hit song “The Bones”.

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Morris concludes his post with a shout out to Mayer for such a wonderful evening and a lifetime of memories.

Thanks to @JanMayer for bringing your new light to Nashville and blessing our ears. What a band. 🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙, “he added.

Other famous musician friends commented on the iconic performance, with Kelsey Ballerini writing, “It’s Epic” and Carly Pierce commenting with the fire emoji “🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”.

Mayer is currently touring the United States and Canada for her Sob Rock Tour.

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