John Oliver called on Oz Simpson to comment on Will Smith’s Oscar slap:

By Melissa Romualdi.

7 minutes ago

John Oliver is not getting it after Oz Simpson expressed Will Smith’s opinion about slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars last week.

During the Sunday episode of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” TV host, Oliver played a video in which Simpson addressed the tragic event, revealing that he had been repeatedly asked to share his thoughts.

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“It was unfortunate,” Simpson said. “I think the will was wrong. Look, I understand the feeling. “

The clip was shared alongside the message on Simpson’s Twitter, “She was wrong but I understand the feeling.”

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Returning to the nickname “The Juice”, the former footballer added that Smith’s response was “man” but Oliver was not impressed.

“No, you don’t, Oz, you don’t,” he said. “No one wants to hear from you about this – especially when you seem to be coming live from a senator frog’s covid patio. You can just sit out this one. Think of this situation as a chaotic bachelorette ordering a mimosa: we want as little juice here as humanely possible. “

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Following the incident, Smith resigned from the academy, which initiated disciplinary action against the “King Richard” actor after meeting with his board of governors.

“Saturday Night Live” also joked about the incident during this weekend’s show and saw Kenan Thompson disguise Simpson during the “Weekend Update” as he weighed in on Smith’s apparent “rage” issues.

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