John Stamous’s Rare Family Trip: Picture of Son Billy

Fuller House Actor John Stamos She celebrates her son Billy’s 4th birthday during a rare family outing at the Discovery Cube Bubblefest event in Santa Ana, California on Saturday, April 2nd. Hollywood heartthrob poses for an adorable photo with his wife, Caitlin McHugh And their only child Billy.

The family enjoyed interactive bubble activity throughout the day before watching The Mega Bubblefest Laser Show. John even pulled a video camera during the show to capture memories in the film. Although Billy’s birthday is not until Sunday, April 10, the proud parents were happy to celebrate their little one.

John held Billy’s hand as they walked around the venue to try all the fun activities. She wore a maroon suit and white sneakers for family outings. In a green button-down shirt, jeans and white sneakers, her baby looked as stylish as her father. Caitlin wore a plaid blouse with khaki pants and she was happy that she enjoyed spending time with her son and her husband.

The couple was excited to become parents in 2018, just months after they descended from the isle. After playing the role of father on television for so many years Grandpa The star is now living his ultimate dream. In an interview in April 2021 PeopleJohn said the fatherhood was “better than I could have imagined” and he was “extremely grateful for his family.”

One thing that Billy already has in common with his famous father is that he has a great sense of humor.

“Billy loves to smile, and I love to hear him smile,” the California resident shared in an interview in September 2021. Good morning America. “She is OK. He likes to beat. I love that she likes to smile and she likes to make other people laugh and make others happy.

John was also very open about becoming a father for the first time at the age of 54, encouraging others to never give up their dream of starting a family.

“If men in their mid-50s are afraid to accept it, I hope I’m setting an example,” he said. “It’s a little difficult because he runs faster than me, but other than that it’s the biggest thing in my life. I’m glad I did. “

Keep scrolling through to see photos of John’s rare outings with Billy and Caitlin.

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