John Stuart applauded the author’s claim that he was “ambushed” by comedian Oak.

By Brent Fordick.

4 minutes ago

In the latest episode of his Apple TV + series, John Stuart called a panel of guests to discuss racism in America, and if it ever happened, it was a hot-button topic.

After the episode debuted, however, one of the panel’s guests – conservative writer Andrew Sullivan – wrote a scathing article claiming he had been “persecuted” by producers who appear to be supporting racism to strengthen Stuart’s “emergence”. Agenda.

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“For good measure, Stuart called me a racist and told me I was ‘not living in the same king’s country as we are’, and angrily went to call me a ‘mother * car’,” Sullivan wrote; The exchange took place just after the 9:30 mark in the video below, where Sullivan claims that Stuart “did not live on the planet where most Americans live”, blasting Stuart’s systematic racism as “anti-white extremism.”

Following the publication of Sullivan’s remarks about his presence in “The Problem with John Stuart”, Stuart issued a response via Twitter, dismissing his claims as “meaningless”.

He continues to defend the show’s genius Booker, who “manages with patience [Sullivan’s] High maintenance vulgarity, “he added.” This man was not ambushed. Any damage is self-inflicted. “

Stuart concludes with a final tweet, addressing Sullivan as “getting up”, writing, “And can we stop lazy ‘waking up’ when no one agrees with a conservative. F ** k man.”

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