Johnny Depp and Amber Witnesses include James Franco, Elon Musk, Paul Betany

James Frank, Paul Betany And Elon Musk Will be called to testify Johnny Depp And Amber HardDefamation dispute.

The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor sued his ex-wife for 50 million when he wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post where he described himself as a victim of domestic violence, although he did not name his ex-wife and, in return, ‘Danish Girl’ The actress has filed a counter suit for 100 million.

After giving the green light to proceed in both cases, a list of star-studded witnesses has now been released, with many big names facing the possibility of testifying at next month’s trial in Virginia.

According to TMZ, James and Elon – whom Johnny previously accused of having an affair with the ‘Aquaman’ actress – are on Amber’s witness list and will testify via video link.

‘Animal Kingdom’ actress Ellen Barkin is also on Amber’s witness list, along with representatives from Disney, Warner Bros., WME, ACLU and the Los Angeles Police Department.

Johnny has asked Paul to testify on his behalf, including texts between two actors read earlier during the ‘Black Mass’ actor’s failed defamation suit against The Sun newspaper, who identified him as “Wife Beater”.

And that’s not all, emails will be addressed between ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ actor and both JK Rowling and Jack White, as well as correspondence between Amber and her ‘Aquaman’ co-star Jason Momoa, director James One. And Jack Snyder and CAA boss Brian Lord.

Wandavision star Paul has previously admitted that it was “embarrassing” to discuss his and Johnny’s 2013 correspondence in court.

He said: “And we live in a world without context. I didn’t know Johnny when he married Amber. I already knew him. But we haven’t talked in years. I did not know them at the time of marriage.

“So I wasn’t for any of that.”

The court case – in which Johnny told the court that he and Paul had taken drugs and consumed alcohol together – was a “very surreal moment” for the 50-year-old star and something he felt uncomfortable talking about.

He explained: “Because I know how it works. What you are saying is oxygen for fire. And there is no f ****** fire.

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“The only real way to deal with this is to say: I’m not sure if there is anyone who has one of these devices. [a smartphone] A team of lawyers will feel comfortable scoring their personal text messages. “

The text exchange discussed in court began with a message from Johnny – who has repeatedly denied assaulting his ex-wife – sent to Paul with the words: “Let’s burn Amber.”

The Wimbledon actor replied: “I’m not sure we’ll burn Amber. She’s a delightful company and pleasing to the eye. We can of course do an English course of action and take a sinking test. Think? You have a swimming pool.”

His friend wrote: “Let’s drown him before we burn him !!!” I will confirm after his burnt body that he is dead. “

Paul then verbally responded: “My thoughts are completely. We’re sure before we declare her a witch.”

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