JoJo Siva has expressed surprising reasons that he did not join Nickelodeon Kids

By Brent Fordick.

5 minutes ago

Fans of Jojo Sewer were undoubtedly surprised that he did not attend Saturday’s Kids’ Choice Awards.

Siva went on to reveal on social media why he was a no-show: he was not invited.

“Many of you are asking me why I was not at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards tonight, and the answer is simple. I was not invited, “he explained.

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“I’m not sure why,” he added, “but I didn’t get an invitation.”

Considering how closely the singer has been associated with Nickelodeon in recent years, it seems unusual for Siva not to be invited.

However, the lack of invitation may be related to Sewar’s apparent conflict with Nickelodeon on his dream trip; In September, he went on Twitter to complain that Nickelodeon had banned him from performing six new songs during his tour, which debuted on his live-action Nickelodeon musical, “The J Team.”

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“My movie musical has just been released (with 6 new original songs) … Nickelodeon told me today that I am not allowed to perform / add any songs from the movie to my show,” Siva wrote on Twitter (he later deleted the tweet). “These are my songs, my voice, my writing. Does that sound fair ??? “

In a follow-up tweet – also deleted – he added, “It’s fun for a company to act as a real person unless it’s just considered a brand.”

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