Kanye West has not started tearing down his পাশে 4.5 million residence next to former Kim

He paid 4.5 million for the property next to his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, with the intention of ‘breaking it down’ and building a new palace.

According to TMZ, Kanye West’s development plans seem to be stuck.

The 44-year-old rapper failed to get building permission for the house, the source of which still holds him responsible for completing the architectural design.
According to the website, her neighbors said they had not seen her.
Kanye bought the house in December to live near Kim and their four children.

When he bought it, people said he wanted to make it faster.
Kani’s new home is in ruins. Just for the location. It’s close to Kim. So he plans to start construction as soon as possible, ‘People reported in December.

She bought it, a source told The New York Post, “just to be with her kids and be able to see them at any time.”

Kanye spent $ 4.5 million on a 1955 home, which is $ 421,000 more than the asking price to avoid a bid.

The property is 3,651 sq ft on 1.07 acres with 5 bedrooms and 3.5 baths.

There is also a horse coral with a huge outdoor pool and three stables.

Despite her relationship with Pete Davidson, she has openly expressed a desire to reconnect with Kim.

Kim paid 23 million for their LA home, which includes all furniture, finishes and art.

They bought it in 2014 for 20 million, and his mother, Chris Jenner, said it was worth $ 60 million in 2018.
Construction of his Malibu residence began in February 2022 at a cost of $ 57.3 million.

The artist has demolished his house in front of the beach.

After seven years of marriage, Kim divorced Kani in February 2021.

North, 8, St., 6, Chicago, 4, and Sam, 2 ear pups.
Kim filed for divorce in February 2021 and was legally unmarried in March at the time of their selection.

She said this in an interview with Amanda Hirsch for her podcast Not Skinny But Not Fat.

‘We don’t really communicate now, but I believe it’s sometimes acceptable,’ he commented. ‘We will. We will. That’s me. ‘

‘I have spent a decade with this man and I adore him. That won’t change, but it doesn’t mean they’re perfect for you, “Kim added.

“We spent about eight months without talking to each other before the divorce,” he added.

‘Then we talked again, and I went to the Donda Premier. She still wants to see the kids.

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