Katy Perry and Jimmy Kimmel put ‘Baby Shark’ on notice with new ‘Best with Worst Kids’

By Corey Atad.

23 seconds ago

Katy Perry and Jimmy Kimmel are terrified of their parents.

Monday night “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” The two were on a mission to take the YouTube crown from the children’s music hit and parents’ nightmare “Baby Shark”.

On Skeet, Perry and Kimmel sit down to write a new song, thinking about what kids like, including dinosaurs, puppies, low-interest mortgages, planes, garbage trucks.

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Perry advises the kids to eat, but Kimmel tells her, “Not mine.”

“They like it too!” He says, to which the host replies, “Piki Piki.”

“Piki Piki, Ike Iki,” Perry said, landing on a potential hook for the song, to which Kimmel said, “It looks like Snoop could rap.”

Responding to the phrase “Yum Im”, the host said, “Yeah, I mean, when I say ‘Yum Im’, all the hair on my body goes up, but I think it’s good because parents hate the song.”

Of course, being a kids song, they finally landed on the song about Farts.

“Drink the beat. The kids love it,” Perry said.

Kimmel added, “My kids love farting. I mean, they really live for it. “

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Finally, Perry sits on the keyboard to compose the song, although he admits that he can’t actually play the piano.

“I think not being able to play the piano is one of the advantages of trying to fool us,” Kimmel said. “That’s where we need Lionel Richie.”

Finally, they made their debut with a colorful music video for the song.

“Clap your hands and push your feet / let me eat something good,” Perry sang, before they both sang the chorus, “Im im, nom nom / tut tut, poop!”

They even join a trio of kids in a cloud and make a special appearance, Lever Burton.

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