Kelsey Ballerini will co-host the CMT award remotely after a positive test

By Corey Atad.

17 minutes ago

The CMT Music Awards are moving things at the last minute.

On Monday morning, the show revealed that MC Kelsey Ballerini will be hosting tonight’s show remotely after a positive test for Covid, and why Brown has come on board to co-host Anthony Mackie in person.

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Ballerini and Brown to share the news on “CBS Morning” and to let fans know that Ballerini is feeling well and without symptoms despite the positive results.

“I’m more upset than anything,” said Ballerini. “Fortunately, I’m just feeling physically fit right now. It’s just a broken heart, that’s all.”

Anchor Gayle King told her, “I bet you chose your outfit too and was ready to go.” “I’ve been waiting to see you on stage tonight, but we’re glad you’re all right.”

But the singer told her, “Oh Gayle, don’t worry, I still have five costume changes and I’m wearing them all.”

Brown, who has hosted the last two CMT Awards shows, talks about getting last-minute calls to help tonight’s gala.

“I was in Pennsylvania yesterday. He ran back and pulled and rehearsed yesterday, ”he said. “So it was cool. I’m excited. It’s very interesting how we set it up with Kelsey and I’m so excited to be able to do it again.”

He also admitted, “I was really embarrassed. You only do this two years in a row and they pass it on to someone else. I’m glad I did it again. “

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Ballerini will be co-hosting from his own home.

“I thought I’d wear all the hats, in general, for hosting, performing and being nominated,” he said. “But now I am hosting, performing, being nominated and I have my own hair and makeup, my own camera crew and lighting.

“The CMT has shut down a rig. I’m performing in my backyard, they brought a piece of pink carpet to my driveway. Still including me is very sweet among them. If something goes wrong, it is definitely my fault. ”

The 2022 CMT Music Awards will air live tonight at 8 pm ET.

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