Kendall Jenner has strangely celebrated the weekend, replacing Kanye West

In a comment on The Weekend’s Instagram post, Kendall announced that he would lead the music festival in place of his ex-brother-in-law.

During her last production, Kendall Jenner participated in the Cochela Music Festival (she fell behind due to epidemics in 2020 and 2021). So it’s no surprise to fans that the model stays up to date with last-minute talent deals. But when comments are made about his ex-sister-in-law. When this was the case Kanye West was removed from the Kochila headliner instead of The Weekend.

Kendall responded with a prayer hand emoji when Blind Lights announced on their Instagram that she would be hosting the closing party for the two-weekend event.

Weekend broke the news on Monday (April 4) when Kanye missed the Legend Festival after leaving the Grammys. Interestingly, Kenny Travis replaces Scott, who was the headline of the Astro World tragedy, where ten people were killed during his concert.

In February, Kanye was first threatened to leave Kochela on Instagram, where fellow Kochela headliner Billy Ilish Astro World has accused Travis of casting a shadow over the incident. Kani said Billy Ilish Kochella had to apologize before “performing”. Kochela replied to Kanye, “Didn’t say anything literally about Travis. Just helping a fan.

Meanwhile, some fans are angry at Kanye’s idea to headline Kochella because he recently harassed ex-Kim Kardashian on social media, threatening her new boyfriend Pete Davidson. A petition calling for Kanye’s resignation has more than 50,000 signatures on “For more than a year now, we have seen Kanye threatening, petting and harassing, manipulating and hurting Kim,” the petition said.

It is ridiculous that he was allowed to do so freely. Coachella (as well as other brands that still work with it) should be embarrassed by themselves and not give him another platform. Kendall may be ready to sign his John Hancock roster!

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